What is RacerAlert?                                  

RacerAlert is the system of emergency communications that allows the Murray State Police Department to provide information during an emergency or when prompt communication is required.  The RacerAlert webpage will be the place that the University community should view to receive the most up-to-date information during any critical incident. Many of the alerts you might receive during an emergency will send you to this page so that we do not have to send texts and emails for every update.

Sign Up for RacerAlert Text Messages

 For Faculty Staff and Students

Emergency notifications are available to students, faculty, and staff who have provided their cell phone contact information through their MyGate accounts. Everyone who provides that information is automatically enrolled to receive emergency messages. If you do not want to receive further emergency texts, reply “Stop” to a received message.

For Parents and Community Partners

Anyone can sign up to receive emergency text messages, just click here and follow the instructions.

 RacerAlert’s Emergency Notification System (ENS)

 The Murray State University’s Racer Alert ENS is a system intended to notify the campus community about any situation or condition that could threaten the safety of individuals on campus. You can expect to receive the following types of messages from RacerAlert:

  • Alerts- These are emergency alerts letting you know about incident or condition that requires immediate attention and are required by the Clery Act.[link to the MSU Police webpage on the Clery Act] At a minimum, this type of notification will be made using text messages and emails. It may also include sirens, phone display, social media, and campus signage.
  • Timely Warning Notices- These are messages about crimes that have already occurred but represent an ongoing threat. These notices are also required by the Clery Act. [link] Typically, these will be sent using email only but may include notices on social media and news media.
  • Police Department Announcements- These are messages sent by the Murray State Police to inform the Murray State community of general safety information that is not required by the Clery Act, but which the police believe will assist the community in being safer on and near campus. An example would be if a series of robberies occurred near campus, but not on campus, and the victims included students, faculty, and staff.
  • Test Messages- Testing is an important part of any emergency alert system. Murray State Police will test the ENS at least once per semester. This testing is also required by the Clery Act.