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In recent days, we have witnessed tragic reminders of the racism and hatred that continue to afflict our nation. The murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd have revealed again the injustices that are rooted in the systems and structures of our society, and how those injustices divide us. We mourn those lost lives and condemn the discrimination and police brutality that led to their deaths. We express solidarity with our Black students, faculty, staff, and community members who are especially hurting, and who continue to face acts of prejudice in their everyday lives. We also acknowledge that words of support are not enough to enact meaningful change. 


At the heart of our work in the College of Humanities and Fine Arts is the study of what it means to be human, and each of our disciplines contributes in unique and crucial ways to that pursuit through its courses and programs. Our college’s mission is to provide students with an educational experience that promotes “the free and rigorous pursuit of knowledge, respect for differing points of view and cultures, appreciation of personal expression in all its artistic forms, awareness of the role of an educated citizenry in a democratic society, and understanding of the role values play in thought and action.” 


To fulfill this mission, our college must continue to strengthen its efforts to promote inclusive values and practices through our leadership, scholarship, teaching and community engagement. We must listen to and promote underrepresented voices. We must also be open to self-reflection and difficult conversations about race, privilege and bias. Only through such commitments and actions can we create a safe and equitable environment for all members of CHFA.  


As an institution of higher education, we have a responsibility to prepare students to be thoughtful, tolerant and engaged citizens, and to model such citizenship ourselves as educators, scholars, and leaders. Our college community is dedicated to addressing these challenges as we work together for a more just, open, and peaceful future. 

The College of Humanities and Fine Arts
Murray State University


The College of Humanities and Fine Arts is the largest and most diverse college at Murray State University, with over 120 faculty. The College houses the following departments: Art and Design; English and Philosophy; Global Languages and Theatre Arts; History; Music; Political Science and Sociology; and Psychology. Our departments are located in several buildings, including Faculty Hall, Price Doyle Fine Arts Complex, Visual Arts Building, and Wells Hall.

As a college we value academic excellence as well as collaborative teaching and experiential learning. We are the campus leaders in study abroad and are the artistic and cultural heart of Murray State University. The College of Humanities and Fine Arts sponsors film, lecture, and reading series; musical and theatrical performances; and festivals and exhibitions that enrich the quality of life in the region. We invite you to TAKE PART in the college's numerous events.





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