College Rural Scholars

University of Louisville School of Medicine-Trover Campus

The College Rural Scholar program is for Kentucky residents who strive to become physicians
that serve in rural communities of the state. Students may be nominated (by a premedical
advisor) after one semester of college. If chosen for the program, students will spend a three-
week summer session at the University of Louisville School of Medicine Trover Campus in
Madisonville, KY. Students will have numerous shadowing opportunities and will work with M3
and M4 students at Trover. There will also be many other academic enrichment opportunities
with a focus on community medicine. The program has been designed to provide pre-medical
students exposure to rural medicine and documentable experiences that can be used to
demonstrate the student’s commitment to serving in a rural community. Since 2002, numerous
Murray State University pre-medical students have taken advantage of this tremendous
opportunity. Any questions about being nominated for this program should be directed to Dr.
Ricky Cox via E-mail ( or phone (270-809-6543).

More information please visit the website linked below:
College Rural Scholar Program Website