AA in General Studies Degree

Do you have many college credits but no degree? Look no further than the Associate of Arts in General Studies at Murray State. You will choose from electives in a variety of fields to meet your professional needs and goals. For added flexibility, you can complete this two-year program either on campus or online — whichever works best with your schedule! This is the perfect stepping stone to completing your bachelor’s degree and getting ahead in your career. 

Course Requirements Hours
Required Courses 39-43
Oral and Written Communication 4
Global Awareness, Cultural Diversity, and the World's Artistic Traditions Elective 3
Scientific Inquiry, Methodologies, and Quantitative Skills Electives 10-12
Social and Self-Awareness and Responsible Citizenship Electives 6
World's Historical, Literary, and Philosophical Traditions Electives 6
University Studies Approved Electives 10-12
Approved Electives 21
Total Course Requirements 60-64

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