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Racer Safe and Healthy logoThrough the Racer Restart initiative and planning process, Murray State University will follow a collaborative, thoughtful and proactive approach in re-opening campus. For questions about the Racer Restart Plan, please email msu.racersafeandhealthy@murraystate.edu.

Current Campus Update

September 18, 2021

Faculty, Staff and Students:

Following are important updates:

First and most important, get a COVID-19 vaccine in consultation with your medical provider.  They are safe and effective.  To schedule a vaccine appointment at MSU Health Services, please call 270.809.3809 or visit the clinic on the first floor of Wells Hall.  View other vaccination locations.

Beginning next week, MSU Health Services/VillageMD and many other local providers will only administer COVID-19 PCR tests due to a national shortage of COVID-19 rapid tests.  To schedule a test appointment at MSU Health Services, please call 270.809.3809 or visit the clinic on the first floor of Wells Hall.  These tests are currently covered at 100 percent for participants in the MSU Anthem Health Insurance Plan. 

Employees and students who are not participants in the MSU Anthem Health Insurance Plan will need to consult with their health care provider and/or insurance carrier to learn what costs related to PCR tests may be covered.  MSU Health Services PCR tests are covered at no charge through the CARES Act for self-pay or non-insured individuals.  MSU Health Services does not charge for administering a test; however, if the test results are positive, a follow-up medical visit will be required and standard office visit charges will apply to insurance copays/coinsurance/deductibles.

View other test options that are available today in our community.

President Joe Biden announced last week that additional rapid test kits would be in the marketplace soon.  However, we do not have dates on when additional test kits will be delivered to our region.  We will keep you updated.

In addition to the testing updates, we may be experiencing soon, per information released by Governor Andy Beshear earlier this week, a change as announced by the federal government, in the way COVID-19 monoclonal antibody treatments will be distributed among states due to supply shortages and extraordinary demand across the country.

His communication continued to say that “health care providers will no longer be able to order the treatments directly; instead, state governments will supervise the distribution of a capped number of treatments delivered to them each week.”

Importantly, recent reports in Kentucky and throughout this region have indicated that approximately 95 percent of hospitalized COVID-19 patients are unvaccinated.  This fact, again, supports the need to get vaccinated.

The potential limited supply of test kits and antibody treatments make it more important than ever to be fully vaccinated.  This is for your own health and the health of your family, friends, coworkers and community.  Once you are fully vaccinated, please upload your COVID-19 vaccination card through myGate as soon as possible so that you can have a chance at winning one of the reward options.  Please visit our Vaccine Rewards Program site to learn more about these incentives. 

If you have questions, please contact Human Resources at 270.809.2146. 

Contact Information

  • Murray State Health Services/VillageMD

    Available for visits on campus at 100 Wells Hall, by phone at 270-809-3809 and by email at mburkeen@villagemedical.com. Additionally, VillageMD is available for visits off campus at 1000 South 12th Street and by phone at 270-759-9200.

  • The Murray State Counseling Center

    Providing tele-counseling services via Zoom, as well as limited in-person services. On-call counselors are available 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday for crisis sessions. To schedule an appointment, please email msu.counselingcenter@murraystate.edu. In addition, many self-help resources are listed on their website, at murraystate.edu/CounselingCenter.

  • The Psychological Center

    Providing in-person counseling sessions as well as walk-in crisis sessions. Please call 270.809.2504 for more information or visit them in 401 Wells Hall.

  • Calloway County Health Department

    Available for visits off campus at 602 Memory Lane and by phone at 270-753-3381.

  • The Murray State Department of Human Resources

    Available on campus at 412 Sparks Hall, by phone at 270-809-2146 and by email at msu.hr@murraystate.edu.

  • The Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity and Access (IDEA)

    Available on campus at 103 Wells Hall, by phone at 270-809-3155 and by email at msu.idea@murraystate.edu and msu.titleix@murraystate.edu.

  • The Racer Safe and Healthy Officer

    Mr. Jordan Smith is available on campus at 219 Wells Hall, by phone at 270-809-5706 and by email at jsmith3@murraystate.edu.

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